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Environmentally Sustainable Auto Recycling:

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Recovery:

In the process of recycling thousands of vehicles per year, our End of Life Vehicle recycling(ELV) recycling plant recovers as many recyclable parts and material as possible. The remaining vehicle hulks are crushed flat and transported to metal shredding companies who process them to recover metal. This metal, in turn, is used by steel mills and foundries to produce new steel products and other finished goods, including parts for new vehicles. This is yet another part of TARís commitment to the environment. With 75% of the weight of an average car consisting of metal TAR has extensive scrap metal recovery and separation processes at its ELV recycling facility.

TAR is constantly examining new ways of recovering all kinds of recyclable materials and developing new markets for these both domestically and overseas.

Scrap Metal Sales:

TAR has excellent container loading facilities and seeks export partners offering the opportunity for them to buy direct and save.

TARís Quality Management System means export customers can rest assured that shipments meet their expectations time after time.

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